The Otley East Consortium is instructing the Project Team to prepare and submit a hybrid planning application for a new relief road and mixed-use development on land to the east of the town of Otley.


The Application Site is located approximately 1.1 kilometres east of Otley town centre, on land between the A659 (Pool Road) and the A660 (Leeds Road).


The Application Site comprises predominately grazing and cultivated agricultural land save for a number of existing sports pitches, detached residential properties and scattered agricultural buildings. The Application Site has been identified as one of the key locations for mixed use development within the north of Leeds for almost 20 years.


The vast majority of the Application Site is allocated as a major mixed use site within the Leeds Unitary Development Plan (UDP) Review 2006 (Policies H3-3A.30 and E4 (20)). This allocation was saved, and carried forward in the recently adopted Leeds Site and Allocations Plan (reference MX1-26) for housing, employment, a new two form entry primary school and greenspace/open space associated with a major housing proposal.


The balance of the site is allocated for a major road scheme (Policy T20(3)), Greenspace (site ref G1089), protected playing pitch (policy N6), and sand and gravel extraction (Minerals 5(2)).

Site Analysis

The Indicative Masterplan presented on the Emerging Scheme Proposals page is the result of pre-application discussions with Leeds City Council, the existing landowners and local interest groups, as well as detailed analysis of the opportunities and constraints presented by the site and its surroundings, which can be summarised as follows: 


  • To create a strong north-eastern gateway to Otley Town;

  • To remove a significant amount of the through traffic currently traveling through Otley Town Centre;

  • To improve the quality and accessibility of the existing public open spaces and public rights of way within the site including cycle access to/from the site to Otley town and to areas beyond the development;

  • To improve housing choice and availability within Otley;

  • To improve the type and quality of employment space currently available within Otley;

  • To increase the number of primary school spaces available within Otley;

  • To incorporate high quality green infrastructure into the scheme which in turn will help address biodiversity and create active and attractive non-motorised networks through the site.


  • The topography of the southern section of the site creates challenges from an engineering and design perspective;

  • The need to maintain vehicular access to existing residential and commercial uses to the west and east of the site; 

  • The number of public rights of ways traversing the site;

  • The number of protected trees across the site;

  • The presence of existing over ground utilities;

  • The presence of existing water bodies;

  • Historic land uses.